Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday

*D and me

This morning I met one of my best friends D (Addie) in Ozark for a little girl time. We met at a cute little antique/tea room and then mozied over to the Jazz St. Cafe for some raspberry tea, lemonade, and delish cookies. After that we walked to a not-so-great thrift store. I remembered this amazing antique store just down the road from where we were so we drove over. D and I found the best old windows, they both have 6 sections, and for only 5 dollars! We just had to get them. One of my thrifting goals of the summer was to find an old polaroid and I FOUND ONE! ahhh! So. Excited. It also was only 5 dollars. There were lots of other goodies that I found but im on a limited budget until I can get a second job. I spent the rest of my day cleaning the house and hanging out with the little sis. Overall, very good day. My mom is off work tomorrow so we are going to go buy some flowers and possibly do a little shopping. Fun. Here are a few photos from my day:
*I am in love with this style of furniture. There are so many different colors, they are just beautiful!

*Number one summer thrifting goal: ACCOMPLISHED!!!

*Antique typewriter. Summer goal number 2.

*How I wish I had a place for you...

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