Friday, May 14, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away...

I feel like most of the time pictures can describe how im feeling better than words. afterall, a pictures worth a thousand words, right? Its rainy.rain.rainin. im one of those people that is greatly affected by the weather. its been raining all week. my mood all week=gloomy. for multiple reasons though. moving home means missing all of my amazing friends back at school. they are my life, my everything. its so hard not being with them.

on a much happier note, i saved a baby duck's life yesterday! sure did! so the little sister has ducks and they laid eggs and now we have baby ducks running around every where and more nests to hatch. I was outside just looking around and i saw a new baby half way in an egg and half out. it was just laying there on the ground not moving so i automatically assumed it was dead. i looked just a little bit closer and it was breathing! so i yelled at my mom and she came outside and scooped it right up. the eggshell was super stuck to its new little feathers so we washed it off under some warm water. i really thought that it was going to die but then it started perking up. we wrapped him in a napkin and i had to go lay it back out in the nest. the momma duck got up and i laid little survivor down with the rest of the eggs. i was really worried that momma duck would reject it or squish it but so far so good! here are a couple photos...
*Mom washing off little baby duckie

*Little duckie fits in the palm of my hand

I love the way my front yard looks in the spring and summer. here is a picture from this morning in the rain. beautiful i think.

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