Friday, June 4, 2010

It's been a while...

i havent blogged much at all lately. maybe because i am getting into the swing of my new schedule with living at home and working two different jobs while finding another. have so much less to do than during the semester, but i feel that i am just as busy. ive really been lacking in the photograph taking area so i decided to change that last night. my dear grandma miller had her 78th birthday last night. it was a wonderful night of celebration and im so blessed to have her in my life. i love family get togethers almost more than anything else in this world. the happiness that floods me is indescribable. here are quite a few photos of the evening.

*Grandma Miller on her 78th birthday

*The boy.

*Cutest little cousin, Jack. He looks all sweet and inocent here..haha.

*My pretty little sister, being a goof.

*The kids table


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