Sunday, June 13, 2010

Busy Busy Busy!

Oh my. This last week has been so busy but so relaxing! I went camping and canoeing with the boy wednesday, thursday, and friday. it was wonderful. we cooked out on the grill and had a great time. its going to be a while till we see each other again and boy am i missing him.

on another note...i started sewing again! ive been thinking about it every day and just never sat down to do it but today was different. i started cutting and pinning and its almost done! whew. i forgot how much i enjoy sewing. i get started and i just cant stop. its great.

im in (almost) constant thought about my health...or more like body image. its something ive dealt with since i was in 6th grade and it hasnt changed. i go through phases where i eat well and excercise regularly but then ill quit for a while. when im not taking care of my body the way i should be i feel guilty. so guilty that it just fills my mind and makes me sick. so tonight i went for a run. not just a little 5 minute run, i went on a jog for an hour with my pup charlie. i didnt run the whole time seeing as how its been a while since i really worked out. but i ran in intervals for a whole hour! woohoo. it didnt seem like that long because i was having so much fun with it. i really hope that i will keep this up and get into better shape and just feel better.

xoxo, lynne

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