Monday, August 2, 2010

things to do

i keep a continuous list in my head of things i need to get done today, tomorrow, this week, in the next few months. i rarely write them down unless i just have so many that i feel i will forget one of them. school starts back in just 3 weeks. that is crazy! this means that i move in to my new room (all by myself!!!) in less than 2 weeks. i am not much of a planner when it comes to things like this. ill probably pack a couple days before i move. but there are things that i need to do before i go. and now that i am sitting here trying to make a list...i cant. that is probably the reason for me never making them in the first place. however, i do know of a couple things off the top of my head i want to do today... finish that stinkin' purse i made a month ago, go through all of my clothes, get rid of the old, non-fitting, out of style items, and organize the rest of my room.

i am starting to really get some great ideas for my store. i cant wait to open it. im only doing it on etsy for now but one day (in the far, far future) i really do hope to open up real live shop. that will be a beautiful day. but for now, im just focusing on collecting ideas, making examples, and thinking of a name! that is my biggest challenge right there, a name. the name that i choose for my store is huge, it means everything for the potential of my success. im putting a lot of thought in to this so i dont mind that it has taken me all summer, and still going, to think of a name. i have however decided that i want to have my store up and running by december 2010. my goal is to have my own business before i turn 21.  * i never saw myself as the type to own a business (no matter how small) but it runs in the family, and there is really no other way for me to do what i love so much and earn from it also. i am slightly nervous about doing this but if i fail, i fail. its not the end of the world. but i have a good feeling it will be a success.

im off to start tackling that list!

loves, lynne

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