Thursday, August 12, 2010

the things we worry about

i tend to overdramatize some things and underestimate others. like if i have a huge test in one of my classes i wont care a bit the day before. but if i have lots of little things to take care of i freak out that it all wont go perfectly and then it will all be messed up. i am not sure why i do this, i think that we all do to some degree though. ive found myself in the overdramatic/semi-stressed stage this last week. i am moving back to school this weekend and there are just lots of little things that i have to do and make sure are done correctly (not for anyone else really, just my sanity). i dont like to plan things out on paper or really tell others my plan. i always have a plan in my head however. the other day i had a little break down. i received an email from school saying that i hadnt paid my balance on my account by the deadline so they were going to charge me another $100. WHAT?! clearly if i havent already paid the $300 that i owe, i cant afford another 100!!!!!!! needless to say i was just erked about that. then i called the school to clear up some of my confusion about charges and all i got was a "well it is your responsibility". thanks crabby lady that works at school, thats all i needed to hear. after we got off of the phone i proceeded to cry. just a little cry to myself. i went ahead and paid the stupid balance and then proceeded to cry to myself about it. i was just stressed that the little money i made this summer was going to stupid fees like that when i need to be paying other things. not 30 minutes later i received a call from the dean of work at my college. he called to "ask" (rather, tell) me that the Keeter Center (hotel and restaurant at our school) needed workers for the upcoming 40 hour workweek and that i would not be returning to my previous workstation at laundry. he was very, very nice about all of it. i understand the need, but keeter is NOT a desired place to work. my mind started wondering where i would be, what my hours were, who i would work with and so on. thankfully, i received a call the next day and i was actually given a choice what days i worked! yay! and then i later received an email giving me my workplace and schedule. i will be working in the pantry which is cutting fruit, making salads, and decorating desserts. what a relief. also my schedule couldnt be better. i work monday-friday, 10-6:30. what a huge, huge blessing this is! i am now much more relieved about this upcoming week and slightly excited to do something new. another money issue that was bringing me down was books. college books are EXPENSIVE, lemme tell ya. last year i received a $150 scholarship each semester for books so i really didnt have to worry about it. i applied for multiple book scholarships this year as well. i received yet another email from school telling me that i did not recieve the same scholarship that i did last year and that they were sorry. SORRY? thanks, that makes it all better that you are sorry. i was really bummed to say the least that id have to fork out around $200 just for books this semester. and then today when i got online to check my email i saw one from financial aid telling me that i received a book scholarship for $200! yayayayayayayayayayayayayayayaya! oh what a relief! i was just blown away at how blessed i am. and how incredible my God is to me! i have been praying every time i get worried or down about it and it works folks! the power of prayer is truly amazing. i know that i heard it all the time growing up but you dont really know it till you experience it for yourself.

yesterday, with the help of my grandpa, mom, sister, and boy friend, i moved half of my stuff into my new dorm! i cant even explain the pure joy that i have about my new room and new job. it is a great journey that i am so ready to embark on.

im going to go get some sewing done today. i am like 3 days behind in Home Ec, and were only 3 days in. ha.



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  1. God is so good! It's awesome to see all of those little things work out in our life. Amazing that He actually desires to help us with everything.
    Love your lil blog!
    Thank you for the sweet comment the other day. :]]