Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Little "happy" for the day

Last night i was blessed blessed blessed to be able to spend hours, seriously hours, with a couple of great girlfriends talking about life and sharing God. It is so sweet to have the opportunity to do this openly. I take it for granted quite often but many people in the world are not allowed such a privilege. Afterwards I went to a worship service on campus. I always try to pull away at least ONE thing even if I find the lesson is not necessarily pertaining to what I am going through at the time. The speaker told a cute little story about a boy and a sailboat he made. He lost the sailboat and found it in a store window one day. He went inside and told the man at the counter that that was his boat. The man told him he was wrong and that it was not his boat but he could buy it if he wanted. The little boy knew that boat was his, because he made it. So the next day the little boy came back and grabbed the boat out of the window display and took it to the counter. He sat it up there along with some money. He told the man that it was his boat. The man gave him the boat after accepting the money. While walking away, the little boy said to the boat " you are twice mine. I made you and I bought you".
WHOA! that story gave me chills when I heard it. That is EXACTLY what our God has done for us. He made us, and he bought us!!! That should make us feel so loved, and wanted, because we are. well, I just really enjoyed that little story, hope you do too!

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  1. aww! that is such a sweet and powerful story. Thanks for sharing it, Shelby!