Saturday, January 29, 2011

Deer and Independence

We made it safely to Kentucky last night with just one little bump in the road. No, literally we hit a deer on the highway last night. Worst experience of my life. It came out of NO WHERE and was on my side. Thankfully I wasn't driving or who knows where the car would have ended up. Things turned out quite unfortunate for the deer :( but we were safe and the car has only a tiny bit of damage. We are so lucky because deer can really mess up a car and cause awful accidents.

Adams whole family came along for the trip. Grandma and Grandpa, Dad and two brothers, and Mom and step dad. His oldest little brother will be going to college in June about 45 minutes away from where we are staying this weekend. They decided to take a little trip and visit the college and go to Nashville for the day while they are near by. They left early this morning and I really wanted to sleep in, so I did.

Sleep. I missed you.

 I have my own hotel room for the weekend (HOORAY)!!! I've never slept in a hotel room by myself until last night and much to my surprise, I loved it. So this morning when I woke up all alone I realized that it was just me, in this town that I have never even seen in daylight, all by myself today. That was weird to realize. I like to think that going to college made me independent and it did, but I am still so close to home, and I have friends there that are now like family so it isn't as independent as it once sounded. I have most of the day to myself. I get to decide what to do. No one knows me here. I can go anywhere I want. So I rolled out of bed and walked over to McDonald's this morning 10 minutes before breakfast ended. I ordered honey for my biscuit and the sweet boy at the counter looked at me like I was crazy. I guess they don't have honey at McDonald's in Kentucky... I settled for strawberry jelly. I walked over to fill up my water and when I turned around, sweet boy from the counter was standing behind me and handed over my bag and said, "here is your biscuit." How presh is that? I was pleasantly surprised at the generosity that Kentucky had already shown me only ten minutes into being outside of my room.

Having this "freedom" really made me realize what it could* be like to move somewhere that no one knows me. Part of me has always wanted to do this. Start over completely. Be who I want to be with no one standing there to remind me of my past. Today I really understood that that is completely possible. It was nice to know that if I ever need to do something like that, I could.

I think I am going to search for a starbucks and a park. Two things that always make me feel at home. I have loads of homework to finish today before Adam's flight gets in early in the morning. I'm off to explore this unknown city.


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