Friday, September 24, 2010


I've made it (almost) to the end. It is still early in the morning but im finishing up my one hour of work, and after 5 classes, one presentation and one big ol test, this week will be over and the lovely weekend will begin. Ive been waiting. this week has been a crazy busy one. im not sure how i always make it through but i do. God is good.

It is officially fall! And feels like it as well.

This is what i have planned for the weekend,
* spend some quality time with the boy. we are both so busy all week we dont get to see each other at all
* start a sewing project, maybe 5. i havent sewn since i went back to school and i MISS IT like no other
* visit home
*play with my dogs
* go see CATS with my mom and little sister at the little theatre
*enjoy this season with people i love

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