Monday, September 27, 2010

Sundae on Mondae

Today was a good monday.
 I had a big math test that i think i did quite well on. I also had a 2 hour nap! That was fantastic because i rarely allow myself to waste that much time on a monday.  I skipped dinner and went to Mel's Hard Luck Diner with the girls. I live in Branson, MO which means i am surrounded by old people and country music. This little diner was... corny. Like so, so corny. The servers actually sing to you while you eat. It was soooooo branson! But we had a $9 banana split that was so big even 6 girls couldn't finish the whole thing. I have yet another test to study for so i need to get off here. I'm really starting to enjoy blogging more as a way to wind down the day and reflect as opposed to pleasing others. I think that is a good place to be.

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